Finally, finally, finally – FO & pattern

Ugh. Been battling the computer and internets for hours, it seems like. I finished my second Geraldine this afternoon, wrote up the tutorial, and finished the pattern. Well, mostly. It just wouldn’t save as a PDF file – too big, too wonky, too something. So, it’s saved as a read only .DOC at the moment, until I can fix it:

ETA: Finally, finally, finally managed to get it saved as a PDF. The formatting is crap, and I apologize, but at least it’s in a universal format now.

Geraldine silhouette

Geraldine socks pattern (PDF) & Crocheted Eyelet Cast-off tutorial

… and more Geraldine photos:



Soooo… that’s that. Until I get my PDF maker to work, anyway.

Other news? Blinding headache. ‘Nother pair of socks on the needles already, called Colinette. Truly, I haven’t the faintest idea where these ideas are coming from and who named them.

Umm. Yeah. Tired, headache. Time to go veg. I hope somebody uses the pattern :)


4 thoughts on “Finally, finally, finally – FO & pattern

  1. Carol

    Geraldine looks comfy lovely! And maybe the headaches are fuelin gyou rcreativity. You know, the neurons fire madly in aodd sequences and then creativity abounds. unfortunately, there is a price..headaches. My hubby would say it is the finger of god (or God) coming down and tapping you on the head. The tap transmits something, but there is some residual damage…

  2. Crimson

    Thank you so much for that crocheted eyelet cast off. That will be perfect to re-do the end of my Eagle’s Flight shorty socks! Truly, you are brilliant, and Geraldine is most beautiful.


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