Might be MIA

Um, not feeling too good. Since I don’t want to give too much information: it’s nothing fatal, or contagious, and it’ll be over in a couple of days. Sooo, my point is, posts may be sporadic for the rest of the week. I also finally got the ShiBui contract, and am writing up three other patterns on top of the Spocks.


To sustain us all during the lean times, I provide plotz-worthy cuteness:

baby T crawling

(that sound you just heard was me squeeing.  yes, again.) 

Geraldine #2 is 1/3 done. The Slighty Twisted sock #2 is over 1/2 done. The 2nd sleeve of Miss Lizzy’s Spencer is coming along. Somehow I have to figure out knee-high measurements in the next couple of days, too. And that’s about everything I’ve been knitting/ designing.

Oh, wait. 20 people on ravelry have finished a pair of socks this month for the Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge. Which totally makes me feel better :)


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