I swear I’m not a deadbeat

I feel guilty because I’ve been promising to post the spocks pattern for so long. Well, honest to goodness, I was planning to post it tonight. I brought my camera, the spocks, and the determination to trap a knitter into being my model with me to tonight’s Sip’n’Knit. I promised Emmos I wouldn’t post the photos I submitted to knitty online, for various reasons.

Anyway. Someone actually volunteered to be a model (wow, that’s a first), and as I was getting my camera set up, the owner of Knit/ Purl saw the spocks. She wanted to buy the pattern to sell through their shop/ site. I’m uncertain as to whether this’ll be through the Knit/Purl pattern line or ShiBui, at the moment.

Well, who am I to say no to payment? (My credit card statement alone would have prompted me to say yes)

They’re holding onto the spocks for a meeting with their pattern editor on Wednesday. I’ve been promised the purchasing details ASAP.

Sooo… yeah. To make up for this complete posting deficit, I come bearing a picture of Amy Singer:

Who is very friendly and outgoing. She was immediately ensconced in the (laaarge) group, and I’m sure Muggles could hear us from miles away.

And, yeah. I’m bad. Not much body to this post, again. I’m nearly done with the Slightly Twisted socks – and I’ll post that pattern, soon, I promise.


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