The MSN hates me


Since I’m deeply afraid the wi-fi’ll die on me (yet again), I’m going to keep this short and sweet:

  • The Seaside socks are past their gussets
  • Penny sent me a lovely, and very ducky, package but I can’t post pictures yet *more sulking* because the MSN hates me
  • More boxes have been unpacked
  • Mum and I climbed Mt Tabor yesterday (don’t recommend it to the faint-hearted) and I took a lovely photo of the view from the top, but (yep, you guessed it) can’t put it up because the MSN hates me.
  • Found a cute knittery and cafe down the street. But, in my expert opinion, I’m afraid they need more yarn.
  • Found an organic butcher (inside an organic shop, yay)
  • Sent a package to Tammy today as a ‘thank you’ (note to self: send her an email so she doesn’t suspect a letter-bomb)
  • Went to bank, PO, and DMV to change address. Woot, lines are such fun.

And, now, we get to find out if I can post at all…


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