“There are many examples of women that have excelled in learning, and even in war, but this is no reason we should bring ’em all up to Latin and Greek or else military discipline, instead of needle-work and housewifery.”
Bernard Mandeville

Now, me personally, I wonder why we can’t have both. Funny thing.

Still feel horrible. Still haven’ achieved much. Here’s the list:

  • all my crap (well, the non-clothing) has been sorted and either boxed up for keeps or for not
  • my drum carder is clean and ready to be boxed up until later
  • and the ends are woven in on my Charity Blanket square:

Other than that? Not much to report. I’ve been sleeping a lot. And just sitting quietly. Antibiotics always make me weird(er), so this is sorta ‘normal’ now. Everyone in the family expects me to act a bit off during the drug course. I never do much when I have an infection.

This blog post is just thrilling, eh?

Well, actually, I have a movie review to share (watching movies isn’t too difficult right now, unlike knitting). Mum and I rented Dream Girls, curious about Jennifer Hudson’s performance. All the reviews we’d heard/ read were true. She and Eddie Murphy stole the movie, they were just that fantastic. Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles were great, but clearly upstaged. The music was fantastic, and the wardrobe fabulous. I’d definitely recommend it if you are a fan of R&B/ Motown/ or musicals in general. The allusions to Billie, Aretha, and The Supremes were not missed. Nor was Murphy’s hilarious mimicry of James Brown.

Now, it definitely deserves the PG-13 rating, as there’s drug use and some sexuality. But, all in all, it was an excellent film. Honestly, I really want to steal Jennifer Hudson’s wardrobe (for the ’60’s portion, anyway).

And that’s everything I can think of. My email backlog is up to a week deep now, and I just can’t deal with checking it right now. I’m sorry if I’m ignoring you (I really am), and I’ll try and get myself to do it tomorrow.


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