playing catch up

Been very very busy the last few days. Tired from lack of sleep. I still haven’t called the Peace Corps, mostly because I haven’t had a chance to/ remembered until after 5 pm. But, I did (FINALLY!) get some batteries. So, I have an extremely belated pic of the package Maura sent (sans hilarious book):

  • My new stash-guarding duck
  • A piratey rubber duck (I think he’s Big Orange’s side kick…)
  • Several types of tea with honey sticks (mmm, teeaa)
  • And (er, not pictured, being lent to St M) Heroics For Beginners (really funny!)

Thank you, Maura!

Other things to note before I pass out on my keyboard:

  • The side bedroom is completely cleared out (exc for the closet, if I’m gonna be honest, but who cares about my grad robes in a closet anyway?).
  • I’ve offered to just move into the smaller bedroom, so we don’t have to play a full game of musical rooms. Instead of Emm moving into the smaller room, me into his room, and my parents into my room (I have the master ‘suite’) – I’ll just move my ‘necessaries’ (bed, stash, spinning wheel, laptop, fishy) in, pack/ or “Evanesco” the rest (need a magic wand), and the ‘rents can move into my room more quickly. Thus making the whole process easier and quicker, so the house can go on the market sooner. Aren’t I a good daughter?
  • Over half of the china is wrapped and packed (I am soooo sick of wrapping plates right now).
  • Three pieces of furniture are on craig’s list.
  • Mum is about to lose her driver’s license – for missing a court date and NOT paying two speeding tickets. Oh, yes, you heard me. She claims that she was targeted for her out of state plates. We all just roll our eyes.

And, movie review time, we just finished The Boondock Saints. I made the family watch (exc for Emm, who’d already seen it a loved it) to their bemusement, on Stephieface‘s recommendation (thank you, btw!). Within 5 mins they were practically rolling on the floor. Both Mum and Dad are intimately familiar with South Boston. Half of Mum’s family were IRA supporters.

Anyway. Movie. Yes. Hilarious. Witty. Incredibly violent (not judging that here, just warning). Willem Dafoe was fantastic. Just bloody brilliant. He must be the most self-confident man in the world. I’m a big fan of the risks he takes in roles. Though, I never, ever, ever want to see him in drag again… *shudder* … The brothers were adorable, I wanted to cuddle them – murdering vigilantes that they were and all. I wanted the Latin tatts they sported. Yum. I also loved the end because it wasn’t the typical Hollywood tragic, operatic, moral ending. Also, the soundtrack kick @ss.

About 10 mins after the movie finished, I finished something else:

My pair of Monkey socks!

The ends are woven in, they fit, and all I have to do is block them. I’m also planning on begging TheBon to take better pix of them after I go to her wedding gown fitting on Friday. I’m kinda excited about that (the fitting, not the pictures), since I’ll be the first person to see the modified gown (or how it’s gonna be modified, anyway). And it has a corset I want to see.

I am so tired. I’ve been bad about my email. I’m really sorry if I haven’t replied to a message you sent me, but hopefully I will be able to soon.


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