still haven’t found the blasted batteries.

They AREN’T in the basement cupboard, I’m certain of it. My father MUST be lying (or demented). *snarl* I’ll confront him on it tomorrow.

So, sorry, no pix of Maura’s package :( Nor of my progress on the knitting front, but I can detail what I have being up to, and where I am:

  • past the heel and onto the instep of the first of little D’s spox (royal blue cotton)
  • finished the 4th border repeat of Vivaldi
  • an inch past the last instep decreases on Monkey
  • finished the sleeve pattern for the Peacock pullover, knit one, BO it off and tested it against the back – and IT FITS! I actually managed to come up with a sleeve cap and shoulder that fit together!!
  • and, in spinning, I’ve started on the 2 oz of Chasing Rainbows merino/cashmere in ‘hyacinth”. It’s lace-weight. I have no idea what I’ll knit with it once it’s plied with the matching silk/ cashmere. It’s probably destined to become “core stash”, in all honesty.

I also have a picture of baby T my sister sent me, to make up for my lack of progress documentary evidence:


I also had another book idea at around 4 am (couldn’t sleep, terrible insomnia). I have to call the Peace Corps in the morning. Mum and Dad have decided to call the Peace Corps’ bluff. They want assurances that I am practically accepted, before they dish out the 5 grand to have my wisdom teeth pulled out. Otherwise, it ain’t happening.


This might explain why I’m so tense. Cross your fingers for me…


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