morales of last night’s adventures?

  1. Never give Emmos a chance to listen to Blue Grass.
  2. Never take a Jew to a Good Friday Service. Particularly when said Jew is a Classicist.
  3. Never take 2 Classicists/ Costume Historians to a movie like 300
  4. Never let said Classicists/ Costume Historians sit together, or next to an equally snarky/ sarcastic friend at said movie.
  5. Never give said Classicists/ Costume Historians pen and paper after the movie.

Emmos came and picked me up last night to grab dinner before St M’s choral recital/ Good Friday service. We ate, but still had time to waste so we went to Prince Puckler’s ice cream parlor. Outside the shop was a Blue Grass band playing. A crowd had gathered around, eating ice cream. Emmos and I followed suit. Once some of the crowd has dispersed, I snapped a shot:

Emmos (and I) were enjoying the performance so much, we were late to the service. Which, all things considered, may have been a good thing. That way I missed two of the sermons. The chorus sang beautifully, there’s no doubt of that. But, several times the only thing stopping me from storming out in a righteous rage was the fact that Emmos was blocking my escape and that we had (foolishly) chosen to sit in the 4th row. Bloody hell. Literally.

I’m actually a very patient person when it comes to comparative religions (hey, I support a woman’s right to wear the Veil, or marry a polygamist, should she choose it). But, having been accused of “killing Jesus” (oh, yes, I have), my tolerance runs low around Easter (it’s a sore spot for so many reasons). I especially don’t like listening to people declaring that the Jews ordered the crucification of Jesus – if only because as a Classicist I can honestly declare that it was the Romans who had a crucification-fixation and that the Jews were, oh yeah, under Rome’s boot at the time. They weren’t telling the Romans what to do. That’s like saying that the Iraqi insurgents are telling US forces what to do in Iraq.

It’s also unfair to my mind to accuse the Jews of killing of Jesus (and several of the disciples) when the Jews were the ones who hid the Christians from the Romans during those 300 years of persecution.

Anyway. It’s a sore spot, and this is not the place to poke at it. I admit that by the end of the service last night I was a bit.. frothy. I know I offended several congregates with my comments to Emmos about the complete historical inaccuracy, flagrant prejudice and (well, let’s omit this bit) of John’s Gospel. We left fairly quickly.

Now, before you scold me for walking into a Good Friday service and being offended, let us remember that I went to listen to St M (who invited me) and her choir’s performance of several Motats. I admit that I was reluctant, but didn’t want to offend anyone (St M’s is also in the choir). So, I went.

And, in all fairness, I managed not to disrupt the service, snicker (unlike Emmos), or catcall (or whatever that was) during the final hymn. So, neider.

From there, we went to see the movie 300. Oh. My. First impressions?

I am so amazed we weren’t kicked out, attacked, or that someone didn’t at least dump their popcorn on our heads. Admittedly, the two guys sitting behind me (who were taking the movie entirely TOO seriously) started kicking my seat everything time St M or I shrieked with laughter, made a loud (sarcastic) comment, or collapsed into giggles. I was thus forced to move to the other side of Emmos, which only made the 3 of us louder.

It was… well. Highly amusing doesn’t even cover it. I’m astounded at the fact that there were Ninjas, Bedouin, Olephants, War Rhinoceroi, and Cave Trolls at the Battle of Thermopylae. How this was omitted in my Greek History classes, I just don’t know. I’m gonna have to confront the professor about that.

And Xerxes? Well. My. The gold-encrusted Speedo was soooo Persian, I just can’t tell you. St M and I were frankly speechless at the costumes in the movie (mostly because we were cackling too hard to form words).

Now, let this not discourage you. The movie wasn’t aalll bad. Stephieface was right, the man-flesh was extremely tasty. Emmos was particularly taken with the thighs. St M and I were both pleased with Faramir‘s transformation into Dilios (can’t find a picture, sorry). Who knew?

After the movie, as we casually escaped the theater (amid some nasty glances), we started to list everything we could think of that was just plain wrong about the movie. When we got to Emmos’ home, we wrote it down:

The list? One page, front and back, filled. St M has promised to post it to her blog this week. After that, we watched Little Miss Sunshine (which I’ve already reviewed, and still like). The girls found it amusing. Today, we were lazy. We went to several thrift stores and finally to The Knit Shop.

Twas good. Emmos spent her store credit. I met one of the Charity Blanket Swap participants (she doesn’t have a blog, so no link). And, that’s about it. I’m giving up because my connexion keeps dying (you would not believe the swear words I’m letting fly) and I’m sick of trying to work with it.


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