“It is a good and gentle religion, but inconvenient.”
Mark Twain

TheBon brought it to my attention that it sounded (from yesterday’s post) as though I had been unbearably rude during the Good Friday service. I was not. In fact, I think I was very well behaved. I did not make any disparaging remarks* until we left the church (I have Views about being rude/ disruptive during any religious ceremony, or in any place of worship). After we left I did, I admit, make some angry comments to Emmos about the service (practically in Parseltongue, I was hissing so much). And the congregates that I mentioned who were offended bloody well shouldn’t have been listening in on our conversation, anyway. Eavesdropping isn’t good manners, so pfft to them. It wasn’t as if I stood in the middle of the church and screamed that they were all anti-Semites and should be ashamed of themselves (which I’m not implying, stop villianizing me :P).

TheBon and I met today (supposedly for Guild, but we were all by ourselves) where she practically scolded me. I explained what happened and then we got into a debate about modern Theology. In the end, we agreed on the fact that it’s all f*cked because no one seems to want to get along. Seriously, would it kill them?**

The merits of Paganism were also discussed and set aside. Too impractical.

And, I feel I should mention that I’m in a much better mood now, anyway. I even smiled at the Starbuck’s barrista when she wished me a “Happy Easter” and wished her the same as I walked away.

See? I’m not that bitchy. Not really.

Today was a long day. Everyone was cranky (including me) because nothing seemed to be working right. My beloved Kitchen Aid stopped working. I nearly cried, and it was the fact that I was near tears for a couple of hours that finally prompted Dad to start working on the thing.

I admit I was very upset when I confronted him after several failed attempts to get the thing started. 4 plugs and no go, and I was edging on hysterics. I need my Kitchen Aid. Dad insisted that nothing had been done to it whilst I was away, and that it had to be my fault that it wasn’t working.

This theory didn’t fly, nor was it received well.

“You’re taking this really badly,” he remarked. An hour later, he finally admitted to me that it had been left on the back porch, w/o any covering by the painters, while I was gone. Fabulous. Eventually it started working again (after 3 tearful hours), and I calmed down a bit.

By that time I had to leave to go to Guild. And, well, TheBon and I got lots of knitting done on our socks – her Jaywalkers and my second Spock. The toe of mine is completely done and the buttonhole gusset has been picked up. Just 9 rows to go, some ends to weave end, buttons to put on and I’ll be done.

Woot :D And that is all, before I manage to offend anyone else…

*although I did make a couple of faces at Emmos, who returned them – we were mostly nonplussed by a certain pastor’s “meditations” about modern heroes.

**I include the Jews in this – particularly some people I’ve met who won’t so much as talk to non-Jews, or have called me a heretic for suggesting that Palestinians have as much right to Israeli land as Jewish settlers.


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