that is IT

I was so doozy last night that I didn’t manage to post the other half of my evening. I am such a ditz. Yesterday, St M came over and had our “alternative” Seder with us, I received my Knit Picks Cotlin (snarl), and the geometry is kicking my ass (hence the title of last night’s post).

How is the geometry kicking my ass?? Do you remember back to the days when A*2 + B*2 = C*2? I do. Trying to apply such logic to knitting (specifically the instep decreases on a sock) is futile, idiotic, and insane all at once. I was near tears by the time I decided that I was not going to look at the damn Spox pattern for another 24 hours.

Then, this morning, hahaha. I had the crazy I idea to try something different. No, I am not going to explain it. It would take too long, and it brings back painful memories.

Anyway, that’s the condensed second half of last night’s post.

Onto tonight’s post. Here’s tonight’s quote:

“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.”
Oscar Wilde

The story of my life.

Moving on. Today I received my Handdyed Roving Swap parcel. Since I have too many photos, I’m going to direct you to the pictures on Flickr. After that (and battling the bloody Spox pattern) I went to Homework Club. Or so I thought. Apparently (although we hadn’t been told) it was cancelled. Emmos took me, instead, to see her workplace. We then went on to dinner and the EWES. A local spinner we (the “babies”, *snark*) all really like was this week’s hostess. Here’s Emmos, laughing, with her wheel:

(I spun the hand-dyed roving I received from girlbotgoods). I’d say C’s first EWES hostessing gig went well, as Emmos and I didn’t leave until after 10. We got there at 7. Twas lots of fun. Emmos offered to show me the “scenic” route home, and we proceeded to get lost. So, I got home at 11 pm after lots of star-gazing on some rural highway. I didn’t care, it was fun.

Mum wanted to watch Casino Royale again, so I cast on a new project. I made it through the first 30 mins before I saw this:

I am very annoyed. I usually really like Knit Picks. I’ve been pleased with their lace and sock yarns. This, though, is really unacceptable. It’s just awful, and I’m going to have to cut the entire mess out and weave in the ends. Joy.

It was as I stomped upstairs that I decided that, damn it, I needed to knit something for myself that required no shaping and yarn I knew wouldn’t give me a headache. Mum’s shawl is out of the question. The Queen of Cups nearly reduced me to tears. My silk pullover is beautiful but the yarn has slubs that I have to watch for (or else regret it eternally). The Spox, it turns out, are too big for me and are going to go to Mum.

So. I am casting on SOMETHING tomorrow with my Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace. I’ve wound it and know for CERTAIN that there are no knots, slubs, weird ends, or general ickyness.

This isn’t Startitis. It’s self-preservation.


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