freaking myself out

I awoke this morning to the raised voices of the workmen. One voice, who I can’t identify but certainly recognized, was complaining. Loudly. Since I was waking up, I didn’t hear most of it. Something to do with the hardwood floors. I jerked awake because St M and I had been forced to find alternative means inside last night (just don’t ask) and I had stepped across the dining room floor. Then another voice called, “We might have a problem, the fridge is plugged in but it’s not working!”

I twitched and got up. I ran out to see if I had done something really, really stupid and left a footprint in the new varnish. No. I hadn’t. Apparently, the workman was annoyed that we were painting the walls after finishing the floors and not pulling up “that tacky vinyl” in the kitchen. I, of course, pretended I hadn’t heard any of this.

And it turned out the fridge was fine.


Then Lapis/ Mr Fishy decided to give me a scare. He’s been behaving weirdly all morning. But, since he was fine for the first 6 hours after his tank change (the time in which it takes to kill a fish through chlorine poisoning), I was really perplexed.

TheBon and I chatted, and it seems that Lapis is freaking himself out over the new tank – he keeps starting and flaring (he’s a Beta). This is probably due to the fact that his new tank is rectangular and has (oops) a mirror-like inside. Thank goodness for that. Now that I’m not as worried, it’s nice to see him puffing himself up and flaring (he never did that in his old tank, though he would follow my finger on occasion).

ETA, 3:50 pm:
Just walked Charlie to dog park and back. He was moderately well-behaved. Probably would have been easier to handle had I been able to find the pinch collar. Talked to Emmos on the way, planning to go and see The Last Mimzy tonight. Have to catch a bus to meet her at the EPL in 40 mins.

Need to pack for sleep-over…

And, because I want to see what happens – I love that Sunflowerfairy occassionally has an open-question post – I’m gonna try it. Ask me any question you want.


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