quick update and a piccie

Well, today was interesting (and exhausting) day. Today (in chronological order):

  • little D returned from his grandparents and turned the house inside out for a short period of time
  • baby T was a bit fussy (but adorable as always)
  • A, baby T, and I set out for Stitches (see photo below for pic of baby T in the minty raglan and bootees getting into her car seat…)
  • I spent WAY too much money. Pictures tomorrow (err, later today), I promise.
  • We lost the car keys and had to call for help (literally), only to have them resurface at the Lost and Found desk.
  • Grocery shopping (I promised minestrone soup for tomorrow night) and a very late dinner… slight ‘oops’ to be reported on the pasta front.
  • And, finally, Babel, one of the more depressing movies I’ve seen in a while. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely wasn’t a pick-me-up type of movie.

Oh, dear, baby T is crying again.


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