good news

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.”
Jane Austen

One of my favourite quotes of all time. Let’s see, today:

  • St M came over to try and comb out a fleece she accidentally felted. Progress was made.
  • I got the majority of my Hogwarts Houses Swap project-work done. All that remains is some handwork.
  • St M, Emm, and I watched 7 episodes of FMA. Hagane no anyone?
  • I bought the Celtic Cap pattern by the girl from auntie. I am making plans for the silk/alpaca yarn (again) varandra sent me. And quite possibly that merino/silk yarn I spun several months ago.
  • I cast on a sock during Rome with the remaining silk I painted and spun forever ago. 7.5 sts/ inch (well, 8, but it’s nice and stretchy) on 3.25 mm DPNs.

At our tete-a-tete tonight, I snapped a shot of St M in her new panta for her to send to her Winter Handspun Swap partner:

St M did me the courtesy of taking a picture of me, but there’s no way in h3ll I’d ever ever show it in public. I looked like death warmed over. Apparently I’m not as healthy as I thought. Or I dreadfully need to start wearing cosmetics all the time.

On the health vein, I am feeling much better. I haven’t been coughing as much and my joints don’t ache any more (I hate viruses for that). Other feminine concerns are done with (for another 28 days anyway) and the depression is in hand. Seriously. Today was very important for my depression treatment progress. It was the second day that I haven’t had to take a nap during the afternoon.

I can’t even express how happy that makes me. It’s been so frustrating how much I slept (I couldn’t function on less than 12 hours a day two weeks ago) off of the Strattera.

So, yes, quite a lot of good news to report. Thank goodness. The blog was so dour for a while there.


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