embracing my cowardice

We are entering Week 2 of The Disease, here at The Jamieson-Morris Sanitarium. And We are Not Pleased. In fact, We are so Displeased with the situation that We tried to bribe Dad to kill Ourself this morning.

He refused. Something to do with the fact that if he killed me, who’d put him out of his misery?

Selfish, I tell you. Some people have no sympathy for the suffering of others.

I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that I no longer feel like I’m swallowing bamboo slivers (and not those soft baby ones, either) or that I’ll be coughing up blood before long. St M came to visit Us in Our Quarantine today. Brave girl, is all I can tell you. I wouldn’t (and don’t, in all honesty) want to be around me.

We watched 6 episodes of Eureka back-to-back (in order to catch St M up) and then tried to explain what the heck is happening on Heroes. Didn’t get very far, since We don’t really understand what’s going on, either.

Anyway. Yes, the Ducky Contest. You lot amaze me, as I have six entrants. Because of this, I’ve decided to show the world what a coward I can be by leaving the decision up to other people. You, actually. I have one little detail to iron out, and then I’ll post a poll for 48 hours (TheBon threatened me with bodily harm if I kept it open for longer…)

But, here are the six entrants (sorta):

Tamara – Hoops and Yoyo posing as a duck

Crimson’s devil ducky needle protector

Maura’s yarn-eating duck o’ destruction

Baby Penny with a stuffed mallard

The Bon’s
spinning duck

St M’s spindling duck

Now do you see why I don’t want to choose??? They’re all veryvery cool, and wacky and veryvery ducky. It’s the ducky part that’s making me grin like a lunatic right now, too, just so as you know. I’m thinking of changing the prizes. Maybe everyone will get something… let me check my *ahem* stash. Hmm… that would make me feel less guilty on the cowardice thing.

Anyway. During the 6 episodes of Eureka and in snatches later (I had to make dinner for this lot, even sick’n’moaning they get rowdy when unfed), I got a lot of knitting done. On D’s gansey, to be honest. The fact that I swore I would abstain from all other knitting until I finished my PNYR’s is proving to be a good UFO => FO catalyst…

Oh, now there’s a Knitting Chemisty t-shirt we could make. And, I’m getting off-topic.

Look! Look! A SLEEVE!
(I HATE knitting sleeves…)

I am now 3 inches from finishing the left sleeve. Or, We are… you know, I never realise how difficult it is to use the Royal We when not angry. I wonder if monarchs ever had problems with it…?

Completely unrelated to knitting, I know.

I need to go and actually read my email now. I haven’t checked it in… well, I can’t remember, actually. And that’s never a good sign.


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