Imposing a quarantine

“The ideal way to get rid of any infectious disease would be to shoot instantly every person who comes down with it”
Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956)

The Rabbi is soooo lucky he’s not leading services this weekend, cuz I know a family of four that wants to beat him bloody right now. Why? We’ve all come down with whatever mystery illness he and his daughter had at Thanksgiving. I had been fighting it off for a couple of days there but, two sleep-deprived nights later, my body caved. My throat officially started complaining half an hour ago. The itchyness my mother and brother have been whimpering about overcame me about an hour and a half ago, and I’ve been freezing and headachey all day.

I’ve been searching WebMD for a bug that matches all our symptoms, and can’t find one. Since I know I can’t have Scarlet Fever (you’re not supposed to be able to have it more than once, right?). My father’s, brother’s, and my solution to feeling icky is to lock ourselves in our respective dark rooms. Mum is obsessively cleaning the house.

Totally insane. I know.

Anyway. We must all give thanks to P who somehow fixed my CSS so it will be read by all web browsers! She’s currently trying to talk me into switching over to WordPress. We’ll see if that works. Be forwarned that I might actually do it. I am still attached to Blogger, tho…

I’ve added a To-Do List to my sidebar mostly for my own benefit. I was thinking today about everything I had to do this month and realised I couldn’t remember it all. Uh oh. So, I wrote down what I could remember and made a mental post-it note to write down anything I might remember later. And then put it on my sidebar, so I can’t lose it.

In good, but weird and unexpected, news – I won the drawing for the Mystery Sock KAL. A was very nice and counted my Socks of Doooom (to be fair, I did actually try two {or three?} other mystery patterns but ended ripping them out {those ocean socks and the wavvy socks were just weird}- and I have some mystery patterns print out for the KAL that I still want to try). I never win anything, so this is just strange for me.

To make matters weirder, all day today I felt like a lost Detroitian.

Alright, that’s probably unfair. Maybe a lost Hyattville-ian. I’ve been wandering around (in public no less) in my snow boots and 3-sizes-too-large men’s Fila fleece-sweatsuit. I feel so… ghettolicious (maybe I should start interjecting “yo” into all my conversations). Almost makes me nostalgic for high school. Notice the “almost” there.

Anyway. I am just past the halfway point with Opus’ b-day present. And that’s about the progress I’ve made. Joy.

I think I’m gonna go to bed.


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