The Great Apron Hunt of 2006 (and ducky contest)

“If vanity does not overthrow all our virtues, at least she makes them totter”
François de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

Is it a virtue to admit to a vice?

I have to admit, I’m dreadfully vain. It comes of my father’s family’s obsession with physical attributes, I think. But, I think it is much better to love oneself than suffer anorexia. Such as poor Caroline Reston. Oy.

Anyway. I finished the right sleeve, and redid the hem, of the SKB today. All I have left is the neck purl ridges and turn-under:

I obviously took this pic in the main bathroom – hence the icky mirror. I couldn’t get any photos to come out with my bedroom mirror. I quite like it (the SKB, not the mirror) and hopefully will finish it before the photo shoot on Sunday. (“photo shoot” – how pretentious does that sound?)

But, it would be cool to wear a handknit sweater for this … uh, plot we’ve got. Currently, we are accepting prop suggestions. Or ideas of what I should knit for the shoot… ‘Nother “oy” here.

In other news:

Minivan Dies
Owners Curse American Automotive Industry
Bloody Dodge. At 101,000 mi it’s officially dead. My parents are livid. Mostly because our back-home-neighbors (who we love and still visit) have a Toyota minivan with over 250,000 mi on it, w/o any problems. Ha. Ha. Ha. I warned them. No one listens to me. (I know I shouldn’t revel in this, but I do)


The Hunt is On
Apron Shortage Rife in Pacific Northwest
Mum and I went to, lemme count… SIX stores today trying to find a couple of blasted kitchen aprons (because neither of use wanted to sew). Finally, we gave in and went to Wal-Mart. Wherein, actually, I only found aprons because I literally tore through the kitchen section (the aprons were hidden under the towels). Is this some sort of conspiracy? Is there a worldwide shortage of cotton duck I should be alerted to?

Also, in our Cinema Review section:
“Over the Hedge” Bores Family to Tears
“The Libertine” Bores and Bemuses Women to Frustration

Hence, I do not recommend either.

And, you know what?, I want to hold a bloody contest (this is the level of my boredom and unemployment). I want some cute ducky photos. Or funny ones. Or wacky. Your choice, your interpretation. You can take a photo of you knitting stash with a rubber duck for all I care. Whomever comes up with the coolest photo will get a skein of handspun yarn made by moi and some knitting needles to knit it. (You even get to specify the colours I dye it and what gauge yarn you want. Please don’t enter if you’re allergic to baby alpaca…) And, I think I might have two runners up who’ll get… hrm, how about some bamboo needles? Or really cool vintage ones? (with some yarn, maybe… I’ll figure something out.)

Umm. Deadline. My birthday ;D December 1st. Please email all entries to: fyberduck AT gmail DOT com.

I think that’s it for tonight. I need to check my email (guilt).


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