progress, slowly by surely

I feel like the Tortoise. I know if I just keep plodding along, I’ll get there eventually. I still haven’t finished Mum’s birthday gift (sigh) nor her socks. I even had to “tink back”, as the Harlot puts it, on the shawl tonight. Gawd, the pain. The agony. Why? My pride was knocked down about a DOZEN notches last night when I saw this:

See that HONKING HUGE section of stockinette to the left? Yep. THAT. I had forgotten to insert another lace repeat. Amazingly enough, I remembered on the right side of the shawl and just kept knitting the left side. I suppose I could try and blame it on The Girl in the Pearl Earring, as I was quite distracted by the costumes and how much I wanted them, but let’s be honest. I shouldn’t have been knitting at 2:30 am and we all know it.

So this evening, after several deep breaths, I “tinked” back. That wasn’t fun. Nor was it fun that Mum came home in the middle of it. What’s this? Oh, it’s nothing. Nothing! It’s some lace thing I decided to work on. Ignore it! Ignore it!

I then distracted her with food, as she hadn’t supped, and pulled out this to work on:

My Simply Knitted Bodice. Mum commented on how pretty it was, but for once didn’t ask me to make her one. Might be because of that terrifyingly DEEP V in the front. Mum doesn’t approve of much cleavage. I do on occassion. Probably because she doesn’t.

In other Knitting News, I gave Emm his birthday present about a half-hour ago. No, no pix. After several comments of “Oh! How lovely!” I’ve decided to submit the pattern to Knitty or Magknits. So… yeah. Can’t post pix, sorry. Emm seemed to like it (must be the alpaca/ silk) and wouldn’t take it off. That’s always a good sign, right? I need to find a commercial alternative, as I used my handspun in this one. But… eh.

Emmos, TheBon, and I are planning an expedition to Oregon Flock and Fiber tomorrow (technically). Hopefully, G-d’ll forgive me for skipping Rosh Hoshana services on Saturday morning. I have missed OF&F THREE YEARS RUNNING. I swear by all that is Holy that they plan it on the High Holidays on PURPOSE! How else could the Festival land on either RH or Yom Kippur every single year??? It’s just impossible that this is accidental.

And, deep breath.

Dad got in contact with the other Rabbi in town, so we’re all trekking over for Friday night services tonight. Hopefully it won’t be too scary. If ONE person pulls a “energy crystal” out on me, I’m OUT of that door. Just not dealing with it this year.

So, yeah. Making progress, ever so slow, but ever so sure. That’s something.


4 thoughts on “progress, slowly by surely

  1. That seems like a lot more sweater than I saw at the Craft Center last night. But of course, you stay up until the wee hours while I’m asleep by 11 every night.

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