restless randomness

Well, I suppose it’s to be expected, but everyone here is quite restless right now. Baby! Dad keeps asking Emm and I how we feel about having a niece. I think he’s giddy with excitement at being a grandparent, personally. My first response is to start knitting up more pink baby stuff than they can cram into the nursery ;)

So, yeah. This is where my lovely, wonderful readers can help me. Can you identify this yarn?

It’s pink. It’s super-soft, likely a wool blend, and single-ply. I was thinking it might be Baby Soft from Rowan, but I have no clue. I’m thinking a little pullover would be sooooo cute. And it will probably make K (A’s partner) coo while my sister twitches (have I mentioned that she hates pink?). Ohyesh. This’ll rock.

I need to finish D’s blanky. I’m making progress, slowly but surely. I’m onto the final ball of yarn. Once I run out of yarn, I shall ponder my options. Yeah. A knit center with a flannel border sounds cute, right?

And, because this day is random as hell, here are some random FO’s I finished yesterday and today, a wash set for the house (Mum requested the soap bag, since Emm is horrid about wasting soap) and 4 oz of merino/ tussah blend in Sea Mist:

Which we’re still debating the intended use of. Dad bought it for me to spin up and knit for Mum. She wants a sweater. I started laughing when she said that, so we’re kind of at an impass. She doesn’t really want a hat, gloves, or anything that 4 oz can make. (rolls eyes) She’s even offered to buy more if I’ll spin it up. If she wants a sweater, he-ell no.

I’m also making progress on the IYP3 Swap sox for simplyfussfree. I may just have the pattern committed to memory! Oh, happy. It’s going slowly but surely, like anything else knit at 8 sts/ inch. I still haven’t finished one of deepfriedkids‘ pantas for the IYP3 Swap. Iee. At least they knit up fast. I wish I could figure out a way to knit in my sleep…

Anyway. Need to go and finish D’s blanky. And then find an adequate sweater pattern. Oooh, wait, where did that Simply Knitting go? There was a pink baby sweater in it… Mwa. Ha. Ha.


3 thoughts on “restless randomness

  1. Doesn’t the Knit Shop carry the Rowan Baby Soft?
    You should go visit your evil twin, M, and ask her and the shop owner!
    They might even have a ball you could compare it too :)

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