baby name time!

My sister just had a baby girl!!

7 lbs 6 oz, we’re told. A did have some trouble towards the end (I TOLD her that she needed a doctor, not a midwife) but everything’s okay now!

I am going to send down so much pink crap they’re not going to know what to do with themselves.

Karma is sweeeet.

Now all we need is a baby name.


3 thoughts on “baby name time!

  1. Sachi

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Goodness, I hope they don’t come up with some Frank Zappa-like name…. Your sister seems pretty down-to-earth so I suppose we needn’t worry. ;-)

  2. ewe spinster

    Im so happy to welcome another August 24th birthday girl to my circle of friends!
    Aunt Pattie and I welcome your little nice to our select group of 8/24’ers!
    I hope A&K come up with a really great name:)
    Congrats Fyberduck, you’re going to make the best aunt ever with all of your gorgeous knit presents for both of the youngsters ;)


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