finally found it

Tonight, I finally found a knitting magazine that I really, really liked. Quite often, I am disappointed by Interweave Knits, for various reasons. It’s always heavy in patterns, but rarely has reviews or knitting news. And, usually, I don’t find most of the patterns that enchanting. But, by accident, I found a rather nifty British knitting mag. How did this happen? Well, on the Great Macy’s Trek, of course…

We (M, Emmos and I) were the only ones to show up for tonight’s Guild meeting. We decided, after fending off terrifying salads (seen below), to hit Macy’s to find Emmos some nice slacks for an upcoming conference.

So, off we headed, only to find them closed (pout). Because Barnes and Noble was across the street, we went there to entertain ourselves. Mission accomplished, and we annoyed customers and amused staff for a couple hours as an added bonus ;) First, we started in the Knitting section – by abusing every single horrible/ tacky knitting book we could find. Over tea and cake. We had to be a little classy, here. There were some scary books, y’all, and I was disappointed to find that they didn’t have any lace books, at all (pouts again).

When it was proven that we were not going to find any knitting books to our satisfaction, we headed to the knitting magazines case. They were just as atrocious as the books. OMG. I take back all my comments on this issue of Interweave Knits – it’s tame in comparison to others (tho I still think most of the sweaters are not flattering for most figures). But, I did find one gem, way in the back, behind the quilting mags:

Simply Knitting, from Great Britain. It also came with a free knitting case, which I gave to Emmos. I do not need more knitting crap, y’all. I admit it.

Now, why do I like this mag? Aside from attractive patterns, they have contests, a knitting comic(!), a knitter’s connexion page (penpals!!), an “increase your stitch library” section (with lace!), articles on various topics, yarn reviews for pages, and needle reviews as well. They also have a free listing of local meetings. Oh, and amazing instructions. I also like the fact that the ads, while abundant, didn’t seem to overwhelm the mag like in most American publications.

I’m already putting aside the baby cardigan, stripped beret, and bunny toys patterns for later to knit. And, we three have agreed to send in our info for the penpal section. How cool would that be?

So, yeah, if you can find it, I recommend you try this mag out. I’m off to send my info in, and the email address to Emmos :D


2 thoughts on “finally found it

  1. I got that mag once, but I wasn’t too impressed with it. There was a little book of knitting tips and tricks that came with mine, but really, it was basic enough stuff that I already knew. (Oh, maybe I should give it to someone …) But I did enjoy the layout. It was a nice departure from IK.

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