(relaxed, a bit)

Yay. One of my current swap partners got my package and apparently liked everything :D She put up much better pix than I could take – here. (rejoicing). AF’s also offered to make me something extra. I am going to be bad and completely take her up on that. I need a mixed knitting needle case. I… (embarassingly) have too many needles now. They’re being split between 3 containers and various jars/ bags/ etc. Just… sad, really.

Now all I have to do is finish the POTC swap package (so close) and my One Skein Swap project, and then I can take a full-fledged break from swapping. I need to knit stuff for my family. A baby on the way, and all. I feel bad for neglecting them. My Dad keeps hinting about how he’d reallyreally appreciate a knit cardigan. So… yeah.


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