I have no common sense at all

Really. If I did, I’d be asleep right now. But, since I’m not I’ll post some pix of tonight’s slightly manic progress on all things knitted…

3 inches worth of sockage; courtesy of 1 hour of CNN, 2 hours of FMA, and maybe 15 minutes of X-Files. After I got sick of stockinette, I decided to tackle a storage problem I’m having.

I swatch religiously. I do. My knitting instructor inscribed “Thou Shalt Always Swatch” on my soul, during the first lesson. So, needless to say, I have a LOT of swatches. I got rid of some by donating them to the Womenspace Afghan. But, they keep being created. I can’t use the same yarn over and over again.

And, tonight, during X-Files (the ULTIMATE knitting show, I swear!) a flash of brilliance came to me. Avian Flight made me a photo album for our last swap, and I had planned to use it for my sister’s upcoming baby photos (good luck getting them, right?). But, the book also makes a great swatch journal. I grabbed all my current project swatches and threw them in:

with notecards (yarn, gauge, needles, pattern, etc)

I then re-swatched for the Tempting II KAL – since mine had blossomed. A LOT. It looked like gauze, y’all. It was sheer. See my hand?:

The needle size (both for the yarn and the pattern) was supposed to be a US 8. The yarn company swears that the yarn will knit up to 4 sts/ inch on 8’s. The pattern calls for 5sts/ inch. Joy. I achieved 4.5, and altered the pattern because I am busty, and decided to try. Then my knitting blossomed to just barely 4 sts/ inch. I decided to re-swatch (other knitters in the KAL also found that they had to use US 5’s to get the correct gauge) and then rip.

Now, after 11″ of K1P1 ribbing, I am back to the beginning:

Several balls of yarn.

Ahwell. Life goes on. Now, I need to sleep. Or, at least, achieve horizontality.


One thought on “I have no common sense at all

  1. I thin kif I had to tear out 11″ of anything I would cry. Really. There was an article in the latest IK about a woman who has kept all the swatches she knit for movie costumes, I think someday you could be that woman with your swatch collection.

    And to bring up something from your previous post… about the song from FMA. My personal opinion is I do like the english one more. It could be the ugly american deep within that prefers songs I understand the words of… but I think the real reason is because the man singing… his voice sounds like that of Ed’s voice in the dubbed FMA on Adult Swim. It may very well be the same guy singing as does the dubbing. Regardless, the fact that it sounds so much like the voice I attribute to Ed makes the song more meaningful- though less ghostly than the Russian children’s choir version. Almost like Ed’s inner heart song, you know? Then again that is just my opinion.

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