working with yarn?

OMG. J, my first/ and current weaving instructor, mentioned during last night’s workshop that Pendleton Woolen Mills is looking for a weaver with experience in Jacquard and design. I am SO applying for that position. I doubt I’ll get it, but it’s worth a shot. Weaving full-time, in Portland down the street from Powells and Knit/Purl? Oh, temptation.

Wish me luck. I’m filling out the application in just a mo’

Oh, I swatched this yarn for socks. 7 sts/inch on 2.5mm addis (rejoicing). I’m so pleased with myself right now :D

Maybe I’ll have CO the socks by tonight and have some more pix.


2 thoughts on “working with yarn?

  1. i would be in such such big trouble if i worked that close to powells or a yummy yarn shop. it’s bad enough that i have the nypl next door. i’ve learned to work with the temptation i hope you do too! :) sending good vibes your way.

    oh, i went to the yarn tree last week and uhm.. bought some fiber and a big hunking spindle. now i’m in big troubles.. and my mom gave me two cigar boxes … i’m in big big troubles…

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