the vanity

I admit it. I am a bit vain. It might have something with my family. Or the fact that I grew up in DC, where your appearance meant everything. Anyway, that’s why I’ve cut out part of the pic of the chiton tank top – I was making some extremely weird faces, mostly because D made me laugh as she took the pix. But, the idea is carried, I think:

And, of course, I unintentionally ruined the silhouette of the drape by tucking my hands. Ohwell. Everyone liked the tied straps, which was gratifying because mum didn’t. I also had no idea until D took the pix how busty the tank top makes me look. Oops? I mean, I admit it, I’m a busty gal, but whoa.

We met at McMineman’s on High, some of us wee young knitters, tonight. Twas fun. I think we confused the staff a lot. Got my Tempting II cast on while we did whatever we do ;)

4 sts/ inch is looking so huge to me now after months of lace and sox. Too weird. It’ll go fast, anyway.

The sox are going… okay. (You are so right, Sachi.) I have to make more modifications, again. Someone save me from myself. I have two inches, so at this rate they and the other goodies WILL be done on time. I COMMAND it. They VILL behave.

I need to spin up the yarn for the goodies. Madame DeFarge’s is tomorrow night. Think I might go. Should be cool. Hopefully.

No news on the job front, yet. Been sending out the resume and been calling. I’ll just have to wait and see, I guess :)


3 thoughts on “the vanity

  1. See… I’m thinking that, if I can extend length of the top part of the tank so that it looks much more like an empire waist (I think that’s right) and use a solid color for the boobs, then use a bright, variagated color for the bottom it will either draw attention to my cleavage and neck or it will draw attention to my waist. Either way, it’s good.

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