No BSG for me, no sirree

Not for me, not today. I decided it was better to avoid Temptation outright than fight him. He’s such a tease, anyway, and not worth the effort ;)

Instead, I spent the morning exporting files. And the afternoon spinning a lovely skein for my One Skein pal. I decided to try and do something truly unique (well, for me):

4 oz beaded, painted, 100% Merino wool.

Bulky and lofty and underspun in a way that was strange for me to spin. My hands and feet like to spin lace and sport weight yarns. They love spinning thread. Spinning something thick and fluffy is very hard for me. But, I managed it. My pal prefers thick yarns, so I obliged her. And! I also managed to put beads on it, that match and everything. I am sooo pleased with myself right now. I just need to find some extra goodies to put in the package, and then I can ship it :D

I also managed to get a decent pic of the ongoing entrelac scarf. I knit a whole row of diamonds today. A major achievement, since my wheel and charkha kept singing sweetly to me, like the Sirens of old. Or, maybe, Incubi?

Here’s the scarf in it’s very short glory:

Emmos, Aargvaark, and I went to Cozmic Pizza tonight, but were the only knitters there. Aargvaark and I played an interesting game of chess. I bought a copy (finally!!) of the Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. I really want to make the lotus cami thing. But, not with bamboo silk – that stuff’s too scratchy for me. I have some soy silk here to knit, but it’s the wrong gauge.

We three headed off to Perugino’s after an hour of mismatched chess, pizza, snickering at ads in the mag, and rambling convers. Yummy, yummy gelato in such heat. Also, we’ve agreed to go to Madame DeFarge’s at 7 tomorrow. Emmos really wants to see what it’s like. So, onward.

I knit my swatch for the Tempting II KAL, and it’s perfect. Yay. I now must resist the urge to cast on. The KAL doesn’t start until July 1.

I should focus on creating a knit owl pattern. In fact, I think I shall do that tomorrow, along with calling the Peace Corps and filling out those forms, and spinning up the yarn for the SKC swap. I am completely scheduled, and also have the luck of being stocked in new releases. Mum and I got The Producers, Munich, and others tonight.

I am so glad she’s acting more like her old self now. It’s certainly less stressful for all.


4 thoughts on “No BSG for me, no sirree

  1. I think I’ll just spend the whole day posting comments in your blog… I just noticed that it looks like Kim has been at BSG. Maybe keep an eye out for her.

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