the good news abounds tonite

Lemme see…

  1. I have finished the hem of my robes. (sadly, not the cording, but, who cares? I can wear them)
  2. Karen finished her PNW lace shawl for our KAL (pix to be posted later) while recovering from an appendectomy (eep!).
  3. And, I’ve just found out that the Harlot is visiting Eugene in September! She’ll be coming to Books Without Borders – which, you Eugenians know, is the bookstore located right next to Cozmic Pizza! Too cool!

I am so exhausted. Commencement is at 10a. I need to, like, brush my teeth and go to bed. I still have no hat thingy for tmrw. I tried to knit the Renaissance Beret from Folk Hats twice tonite and failed spectacularly. Eh.


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