The night of mock-ups

Okay, I totally deserve a Professorship in the next Harry Potter, guys. Look at this beautiful set of robes I have officially “mocked-up!”:

I’m doing the sleeves later, I promise – after graduating, and resting for a week, and stuff ;)

Professor Fyberduck has a nice ring, eh?

And, sheesh, as is, I am drowning in fabric. Even after I cut out the side flares. Oy. It turns out I have 5 yards and some change of the velvet. Which is just enough to duplicate the above mock-up (ha!). I plan on using that glorious tapestry fabric to make matching sleeves (w/ black velvet trim and crescents, of course) and a pallium-like collar/ front trim. There’s also the plum organza ribbon to factor in, as well.

I was actually ordered to finish my mock-up today, so that V could “see it on” me. So, I of course finished basting everything in record time ;)

Also, YES!!!, I finished up a true corset mock-up – and, AND!!!, it FIT, on the first try! Yes,yes,yes!! (little dance)

This means that I DON’T need to adapt my pattern AT ALL and can go straight to the real ‘un. Of course, since I used such cool printed canvas for my mock-up, and it FITS!, I want to make it into a real corset, as well. We’ll see how this works.

On a topic completely narcissistic and vain, I am now in love with corsets. I had no idea my figure could do that. Honest to g-d, I looked like a giant X after L and D laced me in. Just… wow. It made my bust and hips bigger and my waist smaller (what was it, L? 46″-34″ – 46″?). Corsets (not diamonds) are a girl’s best friend. I could probably cause traffic accidents or something if I wore one in public ;P

In other news, I recieved my June prezzie from my One Skein Secret Pal swap partner! Yay!

Thank you!
It’s… PINK!!!


What shall I make? I have 142 yards, according to my nice partner’s little tag. Which helps a lot. Thank you, again!

Lemme see… PHYS tmrw. I need to mail my secret pal prezzie to my pal. I hadn’t until now because I couldn’t find my knitting stationary (I gave up and made my own tonight). So, off it goes tomorrow. I also need to find a knitting project for tmrw’s lectures. ANTH and PHYS? Oh, yeah, gonna need something to occupy myself with.


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