float on

I forgot my PHYS notebook at home. My corset mock-up fabric, too. Oh, and my lace pattern book – since I want to add a row of tulips to the sleeves of the spencer.

And, joy, my lunch is stale.

On a “positive” note, I just found more of the minty baby yarn. May the Lord help me. How much more of this stuff is there left to knit?

I guess I’ll have to go home and then come back after PHYS tonight.

But, I do have truly good news:

  1. 1) The negative feedback has been retracted, thank goodness, and
  2. 2) it turns out I get to keep the PORTLAND tank top – Dad and I were scheming ways to “fix” it. Any suggestions? Maybe I should give it away?
  3. 3) I have been approved for an allowance increase – since these two TA411 projects are sapping my funds dry.

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