spectacular spectacular

This entry definitely goes under the heading “blogging is my therapy”…

Emms (my brother) and I went to the 10:15 am showing of X-Men 3 today. As for a movie review, it was actually better than I thought it’d be – do you want me to tell you why? It’ll ruin the plot for you ;)

My main complaint in it was the focus on the Jean/ Phoenix thing (I always hated her, alwaysalwaysalways) and it bugged me that they were ignoring much cooler characters like Rogue & Angel (he’s not Arch-Angel yet, guys) and completely cut out Night-Crawler & Gambit.

It seemed unfaithful to the original plot line (comics and cartoons, here) to have Rogue choose to not be a mutant. For all the trouble her powers gave her in the comics, she never tried to get rid of them. Occassionally, she rejoiced in little breaks from it but she never sought a “Cure”.

At least they got Wolverine and Storm right, to a degree. I also hated how Bobby, “Iceman,” was such a Cyclops replacement. Blech.

After the show, we met Dad and agreed to go to lunch. Whereupon everything fell apart. My brother has severe anxiety problems, ADHD, and Asperghers – which translates that the doesn’t deal well with society in general. He proceeded to throw not one, but TWO, hissy fits in Burger King. Snarling at two of the workers because they couldn’t get his order right and wouldn’t leave him alone, according to him.

According to me, he was being an unforgivable brat, being nasty to people who didn’t deserve it. So, I started snapping at him. He didn’t take it well, and actually splattered a ketchup packet on Dad, himself, and some of the floor. Yeah. Real mature.

When he started ranting, Dad and I weren’t in the mood for it – and he stomped around for a bit.

Need I say we entertained everyone there for at least a good 1/2 hour? One family was blatantly staring at us – probably because my brother was blaming the whole situation on Mom and her addiction. Loudly.

Good job, Emms.

I honestly don’t care what total strangers think of me. Really, I don’t. But it’s rude to make such a spectacular in public in a place frequented by families. Of course, some of those said families were being rude, as well, but we won’t go there.

I just want Emms to see things in context. No matter how shitty his situation may seem, he’s not one of the starving children of the world, his family is still alive and intact, and he needs to get a fucking grip, okay?

Anyway, this all degenerated into an arguement about Mom’s situation, Dad’s co-dependence, and Emm’s issues. Everyone seems to think I’m normal here, or something. G-d, they’re oblivious. But, from some of the things Dad said it has become apparent that he and Mom really don’t realise the state of our situation.

If we’re all adults, like you two say, why don’t we act like it?

WE do, Dad, it’s Mom who puts the remote in the freezer, remember?

Oh, yes.

We tried the roommate solution, and it didn’t work, remember?

Oh, yes.

Completely and utterly oblivious. I think I need to make him and Emms start attending Al or Nar-Anon meetings. It’d be good for them.

I’m too tired of this crap. I just woke up from a nap (stayed up late, early movie and all) and I need to check the laundry I threw in the machine and dryer. Then, onto the baby raglan. I’ll have you know that I have an inch knit on both sleeves – yay. If I get anywhere with that tonight, I’ll post a pic.


2 thoughts on “spectacular spectacular

  1. You could really use your own advice. “Get a fucking grip” indeed. This blog screams self-centered. Last time I read it.

  2. I heard somewhere that Night Crawler (well, Alan Cumming) decided not to be in the third movie, even if he were invited back. I think he said something about not liking the fact that his makeup took hours to put on.

    Toward the end, when they’re all visiting Leech (okay, visiting puts it lightly), and Jubilee (I think that was her) said, “The boy’s in the blah blah blah part of the building,” and my mom, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and said, “And the girls are comin’ out of my bustie!” (Wow — is that really how that’s spelled?)

    And really, it is your blog, so you can be as self-centered as you want.

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