my goodness

What a strange day. I didn’t get to the Folk Festival ’til 1:30 (ooops?), where I actually ran into ‘Leda on the 13 waiting to get to the Festival. She was planning on meeting Ems and I to help table. And, wow!, her hair. I want her hair. It was like a Mermaid’s wet-dream, I tell ya. VIBRANT blue, green, and violet hues. I envy her so much sometimes, her hair always behaves perfectly. It dyes, it curls, it pulls up and back. Mine just misbehaves. Anyway, it looked COOL. I didn’t recognize her at first (last time I saw her, her hair was purple and red).

The Fest was fun, mostly because ‘Leda and Ems were there. ‘Leda and I had fun purusing some of the more esoteric vendors’ booths. Just, wow. I wish I’d had my camera on me for that. Be very, very afraid. Neon pink crocheted things. Things is the best word, I think.

There was some great Indian food there, tho. A bit of a surprise. Ems worked on an i-pod sock while ‘Leda and I played. And, when we got back, she declared she hated it. Okaaay. I liked it. It’s now my “graduation gift”:

I just need to weave in the ends and find a button. Coooolies. I love freebies ;D

When it started to rain in earnest, as the weather-people have been predicting for too long for us to take them seriously, we all packed up and headed home-ish. Well, I did. Dad, Emms, and I went out to dinner and then to visit Mom at SL. She’s doing much better, and seems much more normal and focused and stuff. Which is very good. I gave her the socks, and she and everyone else ooh’d and ahh’d over them. A bit embarassing, cuz I hate how many mistakes I made on them. Ohwell. But, she’ll wear them (I won’t, too warm). So, it’s all good.

We went for a walk around the facility, and dashed inside when the storm started to gather. And, WOW, I haven’t seen a flash storm like that since the hurricanes back home.

Emms and I gathered some hail that came down when we got home. Look at this!:

Some of the pieces were (OMG) bigger than quarters, even half an hour after the storm! Sheesh. We were lucky nothing was damaged.

Anyway, as promised – here’s the progress of my spencer:

It’s currently at 6 sts/ inch, but’ll block at 5 with 10 rows to the inch as well (block to 8.5). I’m increasing the bust right now, to have a more fitted silhouette. Can you tell I am completely making this up as I go? Pattern? What pattern! I improvise! Ha!

I’ll probably start one of the sleeves tonight (I want to knit it in raglan or yoke style – no seams!). I think it’s looking good, but what do I know? ;P

That be it for now.


One thought on “my goodness

  1. Commenting on a few entries at once …

    It’s good to hear your mom’s doing well — the socks did look lovely, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy them. I hadn’t even gotten to Franklin’s WWKIP designs yet, and they’re fabulous! June 10 is a week before commencement? Craziness! That’s so late.

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