the very hungry caterpillar?

Okay. It’s been a while for me, and I have always hated bugs of any type (except for live butterflies, farfar away), so now I can’t identify this little critter on my curtain:

So, I vaguely recall from my mother, Girl Scouts, and primary school that the fuzzy caterpillars are (in general) bad. But, what about smooth, green ones?

I don’t want to kill it (even tho it gives me the heeby-jeebies just sleeping there) if it’s not a bad bug.

Anyone know? I asked my brother, and his respose was “The blue ones are poisonous.”

Really? Thank you.

That’s just priceless. When I asked him if he would deal with it, he didn’t even look away from “World of Warcraft” while he said “uh huh”…

If I ask my Dad, he’ll just smoosh it – which is partially my fault, since I tend to shriek when I see a creature with more than 4 legs.

Anyone? Is s/he good or bad?

Can caterpillars bite?

One thought on “the very hungry caterpillar?

  1. Crimson

    Only thing I can think of is a luna moth … and I know what you mean about WoW. My brothers are sucked into that game too.


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