there is a g-d, and s/he does have mercy (oh, and duo book reviews)

Cuz, I wouldn’t have had a day like this, otherwise. “Mental health vaycay” doesn’t even cover it! This is going to be a long post, I want to savor this for a bit :D

I woke up before 7 am. For the average college student, 7 am doesn’t exist except as a punishment or character-building exercise – and I am not any different. Needless to say, I was cranky as I got around this morning, expecting today to suck monumentally.

But, it didn’t. Life can be what you make it, I guess. So, I caught a way early bus to campus, and went to the student post office – which was EMPTY for once! OMG, the shock nearly killed me ;)

So, I mailed Crimson’s “reward” and an ebay package (mwahahaha! but forgot to include my notes, oh well).

Then, I grabbed breakfast and sat for a half hour, listening to Bach and watching the squirrells chase each other across campus. I keep forgetting to mention this, but the UO has the most impressive (i.e. pretty) campus I’ve even been on – and I’ve toured Ivies, guys.

So, I decided to take a pic of one of the many lawn nooks there are:

If you’re ever in Eugene and want to see pretty green things, visit the UO Campus. We’re known for it. We even have an arborial tour, and stuff. I just like wandering campus in my off-hours to unwind. And the “wildlife” are tamer than housecats – feed a duck!

Anyway. After that, I aced my Ling test (first in a long time) and went to the Bookstore to grab lunch. This was, well, a bad idea (when it comes to budgeting) but a good idea when it comes to personal library improvement. Since the prepacked food thingies weren’t ready yet, I went upstairs to puruse the bookstore’s usually tiny knitting shelf. Shelf.

Well, it used to be a shelf – which it shared with the crochet and quilting books. Not anymore. This was my downfall. It now was it’s own section. There were shelves of knitting books. And nary a “Stitch’n’Bitch” or “Knitting for Dummies” in sight (praise the knitting g-ddess!).

Seriously. I saw books I hadn’t been able to get my hands on for weeks, or ever – and I had a credit card. What did I do? Because I lack any form of self-control when stressed, I bought these:

The “Vogue Knitting Stitchionary” and the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules”.

I totally, and completely, endorse these two books. If you don’t own them, buy them! The Harlot is, as ever, a great read. But, the Vogue, is just amazing. I’m a stitchionary addict. I have more knitting books I can shake a stick at, and this book had patterns I’d never seen before (please don’t make me list the books in my knitting library, please). That’s impressive. I had to get it. For personal edification, obviously. I am nothing if not thorough in my knitting studies ;)

I then grabbed lunch (no, food had not arrived yet, tardy non-knitting people must have been in charge or something) and ran to the costume shop. Where I was besieged by other knitters who were curious about my new pretties.

I ending up reading passages from “Knitting Rules” to them for 1/2 an hour. We were quite giggly when class started.

I love knitters. They rock.

Then, wonder of wonders, I FINISHED(!) Puck’s trousers. Tail and all. Yes, FINISHED. (does little victory dance). What a momentous occasion, which I didn’t photograph, since I want a pic of it ON the bloody actor, in full costume.

At this, D and I took our handsewing assignments outside, to escape the blinding heat of what was quickly becoming a real sweatshop (A/C on the fritz?). We mostly sat and chatted, but we did get our cross-stitching done.

At 2 pm, I escaped The Dungeon as fast as I could and caught the bus home. I actually remembered (on time!) that I had things due from the public library tomorrow. So, I grabbed my books and CDs and told Dad I was alive, and heading out. I returned my stuff and found some really cool goodies – two of the knitting books I’d place requests for were in, and I found some new medieval music.

Rejoicing in my success, I caught the Breeze to Alton Baker Park:

which was, as ever, lovely and wonderful. I love visiting Alton Baker when I’m depressed or feeling peaky. It’s such a pick-me-up, all the greenery and duckies and the river and everything.

So, I sat for a couple of hours, reading thru “Knitting Rules,” occassionally giggling aloud and probably weirding out other people on the lawn. Eh. There were some cute families there. And, not all of them were human:

The animals never cease to amaze me at AB, they’re so tame. They make Uni ducks look feral. When I was walking back to catch my bus, I came across a pile of goslings – all furry and fluffy! Too cute. And, they let me walk right up to them and photograph ’em:

At one point, one of the adult geese hissed at me, for getting too close. But, otherwise, they were completely indifferent to me, and the other people cooing over them. No, I was not alone. They were cute, okay? I really wanted to put one in my purse, but resisted. So fluffy!

Anyway. I digress. I eventually called Dad for a ride, since the bus back was taking forever. When did they add all those stops to the Breeze? It’s supposed to be an express bus! Sheesh.

We then did what any normal escapees would do. We hit Rose And Thistle. I love their fish and chips. Okay. Another thing you MUST do if you come to Eugene is eat at Rose and Thistle once. Their beer-batter is euphoric, or it has crack (I can’t tell).

Over dinner Dad told me about the update from my big sister, A, who is (finally!) pregnant and settled (hey, I’ve been waiting fairly patiently for nieces and nephews here). She sent us this pic: (dances again with joy)

Obviously, she’s the brunette. And, I hope to g-d she doesn’t kill me for posting this. But, it’s too exciting! She’s almost 6 months along! She and K, her partner, are dressed for K’s younger brother’s wedding. (Don’t ask, too complicated).

So, of course, I’m in mild panic mode over the baby and child sweaters. But, I’m certain everything’ll be fine.

And, my last bit of news is that Mom is starting detox at Serenity Lane tomorrow at 10 a. Thank g-d. I think one of us might have hurt, if not killed, her if things had gone on this way much longer.

That’s everything. I’m off to knit my lace spencer and watch Bill Mahr. Toods :D


2 thoughts on “there is a g-d, and s/he does have mercy (oh, and duo book reviews)

  1. Your sister is so cute! It’s so much fun to have preggo people in the family. (And they’re wearing matching clothes, too, which totally amps the cuteness!)

    I just finished the Harlot’s latest last night, and it really does rule. It’s my favorite of hers so far. (Did I mention that I purchased all three of them in the past 2 months?)

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