Today was long. Had planned to scour the house, but only my brother got to it (how wrong weird is that?). Dad and I actually went shopping for various things, that I DID need. Like, a pattern for my Costume Construction final project. And, stuff for the two Craftster swaps I’m working on now – Ancient Cultures (see sidebar) and a personal one (spinning kit for knitting tote, too cool, eh?). So, I got supplies and finished 1 of my 3 ancient cultures projects, got 1/2 the 2nd project done, and have worked out the 3rd one. Gimme a week or two and it’ll allll be done. For the personal one, well, I got some nifty supplies for my recipient.

Anyway. Since I can’t photograph those goodies (this is a public blog), I did snap a pic of the two patterns I bought (well, Dad did) and the Beghali belt I fixed up to wear:

We were required to get “only Vogue” patterns, because they’re “the best.” So, I got a funky coat pattern (left, the lilac one) that I plan on transforming to an ankle-length graduation robe/ winter coat. Nifty, eh?

And, the right pattern is a Vogue Vintage 1950’s pattern, that I plan on making a graduation dress for myself with – I have the loveliest polished pink polka-dot pima cotton (say that 3x fast) I want to use.

And, the belt, I plan on wearing with every pair of jeans I own. Obviously.

In more tragic news, Mum somehow got ahold of my favorite lambswool/angora sweater (the turquoise one I lived in all winter) and felted it, by accident. She mistakenly threw it in with jeans. (wants to cry). It’s… well, wow. It was sheer and light, now it’s big enough to fit a 12-yr-old and quite sturdy. I decided to take this in stride (g-d help me) and not freak.

So, at Walmart today (don’t ask, just don’t), I found an 18×18 pillow to cover with my sweater – cuz it’s still soft and fuzzy as ever (sigh) and cute to boot. I’ll post a pic when I finish that. It’s obvious that I really need to guard my laundry closely. No more leaving it in the laundry room until I get time…

The Spinning Bee is tomorrow (please, let the weather be good!) and I need to clean some stuff now (yes, it is past 11 and I really don’t care). Keep


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