considering bribery

Okay. I bit the bullet and actually went to see my undergrad degree advisor, C, today to ask about graduating. It turns out I can *just* make it, IF I can get Prof H to change my ARH 423 from a P to a letter grade. Joy. But, she assured me, I wouldn’t have to actually deal with him – just fill out some paperwork at the Registrar.

Nothing in life is ever that easy, is it?

Turns out, hahahaha, not only do I have to fill out the petition, but I have to get “the Instructor’s signature” and a “statement of support”. What ARE the odds that H will be affable about this? Hint: let’s remember that “C” last term.

Anyway. Now, I have to fill out the petition, write a statement “arguing my case” and then track everyone down. I’m permitted to get other faculty support. Like my department. Guess where I’m a’heading next week?

Since one of the requirements of the petition is that I be a graduating senior, I applied for my degree 10 mins ago. We’ll see how all this plays out.

Anyone else thinking that choosing to make my graduation robes may have been a bit precipitous?

Ohwell. I need to eat lunch and stuff.


One thought on “considering bribery

  1. Laura

    Hey, if you graduate in June, we’ll be at the same ceremony since they combine all the little ones from Hum/Clas/Med/etc!


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