because I can

… and because I definitely have some changeling blood in me, I’m feeling the need to mention a new swap on Craftster, which’ll start sign-ups on Friday – the Fibre Stash Swap. For spinners and felters. I have TONs of fibre I can pass along. I just need a partner and an address to send it to. Ooooh, the suprise possibilities. There’s another button to make.

Speaking of buttons, I finally got my Ancient Cultures Swap button done (now I need to put it on my sidebar):

Anyway. I now know that I need to spruce up my ancient Egyptian. (Did I mention that I’ve been self-studying that for a couple years now?). I mentioned to Cosmic Cranberry that I can read just a teeny-tiny bit of Egyptian heiroglyphs, and she said she’d love a personalized sign or something. Hehehehe. I can do that. And, I’d get to paint. I still want to do jewelry, tho. But, I also have a ton of Egyptian-style tapestry cloth remnants and stuff that’d make a great bag or something.

Well, I feel even stupider, since I went to the bank this morning, and it turns out my checks didn’t bounce, bless WaMu, but I was recieving warning that I’d overdrawn my account. ‘K… how does it take 3 sheets of paper to say that? No wonder I was confused.

I had the stupidest nightmares last night. I don’t even know if I’d technically classify them as “nightmares” even. In horrid round-robin fashion I was tag-teamed by dreams of man-eating panthers, the Wicked Witch of the West’s flying monkeys (no, I SWEAR I am not joking), and a great flood (among other things). What the h3ll??? I woke up with actual scratch marks on my arms, a couple of pulled muscles in my calves, my neck bent like a tire iron, and my sheets strangling me. This was too weird. I just lay there and tried to figure out if I was still dreaming. Consequently, I missed my first anth class. Somehow, I don’t grieve that.

I have homework to do, but hate it. And I feel guilty if I knit, which is one of the few things I enjoy anymore. I can’t wait for this term to be over. I just want to graduate and get out of here ASAP. Which reminds me, I need to schedule a meeting with the head of my dept and apply for my degree. Woohoo.


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