Well, I decided to be responsible today and actually do some Guild business during my office hours. I update our mailing list thingy on yahoo, and our actual website. And, while fixing some HTML, I noticed that I hadn’t updated the site since “January 24, 2006”. My g-d. I can’t even believe I forgot to update it for such a long period of time.

Tho, admittedly, I feel less guilt, because our members are more dependent on the mailing list for info on events, than the website. It’s just embarassing, personally, that I even forgot about it at all.

Anyway, in a bout of rather clever laziness (if I do say so, meself), I overhauled the website and made it much slimmer, and I’ve been slowly moving all our information to the mailing list/ group page, because then’d we’d only have ONE URL to remember. What an idea, eh?

I also made up a PDF for the term’s schedule. I really have no idea how this group is going to function when I’m gone. Seriously, this isn’t vanity here. I mean, I do *all* the web-based things, because everyone else can only check their email. They’re doomed.

I got my brother hooked on Scrapped Princess entirely by accident. He’s a terrible insomniac, and is trying to get back on schedule – so he borrowed my complete boxset and stayed up ALL NIGHT watching it. I don’t even understand how it’s possible. I have no doubt that I’ll return home to him watching Fullmetal Alchemist or Witch Hunter Robin (both of which I also own). See, for me, after a couple hours of anime my brain starts to liquify. Not Emm, which is fascinating, I have to admit. I just don’t get it. Maybe it comes from all those endless hours of computer gaming, or something.

Anyway. I went to Linguistics yesterday. Need I communicate my disappointment? After 3 years of Latin, and an amassed total of 16 years worth of languages (not Latin), I think I might be a little too well educated in languages. I had to continuously resist the urge to tell the instructor that she was wrong.

ack! Anthropology is NOT a combo of anthrop – o – log – y. It’s anthropo(s) + log(os). The “o” in anthropo is not “filler”, it’s directly related to the greek nominative of the word, and “logos” does NOT mean “study.” The “y” at the end most likely is a decendant of the Greek use of declensions. The whole class was a lesson in patience. The instructor didn’t speak any Romance languages, or Latin (as far as I could tell) – she maybe had some Greek, since she spoke Ethiopian; but she’s teaching a class that’s focusing on the Latin and Greek roots of English.

And, then, looking thru the textbook, arg. One of the “morphemes” we had to learn was “cephal” the root for head. No. A morpheme is supposed to be the most basic part of a word that is still definable. That “ce” doesn’t need to be there, cuz “phal” comes from the Indo-Europian root for “bulbous, rounded, etc”. Okay, I’m just frustrating myself here. I switched sections, but I think I’m gonna have to find a different Arts and Letters course altogether. I remember how much I annoyed nearly everyone in French last year… I want to avoid a repeat episode, if possible.

Yes, I am an annoying, know-it-all, and I don’t keep silent. But, I think promoting ignorance or trying to pass off false information as “teaching” is a sin. Did I mention that I’m self-righteous? I always sympathize with Hermione in HP… wonder why.

Ohwell. It bothers me that the principle of Linguistics, I’m told, is to find the more recent root of a word. So, “Pedigree” comes from “pied” in old French. NOT from “ped” in Latin for foot. Does this not make sense to anyone else? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, or something, but wouldn’t you want to trace a word back to it’s original source? English “pedigree” from French “pied” from Latin “ped” which either comes from/ or is related to the Greek “ped/pel”, which probably had an Indo-European root…

Okay, it is just me. I’m weird, and I know it.

Anyway. I’m going to Ben Franklin today to get the rest of my supplies for my swap, and I’m just sitting here bored out of my mind. Luckily, I have PHYS in … 15 mins. Right. Maybe I can get some knitting done tonight.


One thought on “((ooops))

  1. Isn’t it kind of wrong that your linguistics professor has no romance languages under her belt? I guess I was spoiled, because our linguistics prof knew roughly eight billion languages. What is your textbook, by the by? Ours was a little gem from Ohio State University.

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