Sometimes I feel like I’m offbeat, or something. I’m dancing salsa and everyone else is waltzing…?

I’m going to restart on my ROUSes, and see how that goes. I’m thinking that at least 2 per package (3 would be ideal)… I loved Vonnie’s idea on reinterpreting “unusual,” and am gonna try for that. I think I’m gonna try and hit Ben Franklin’s after classes tmrw (bus straight from campus to the store, yea!). Then I can get the rest of the supplies I need. I have a little over a week to get everything together – luckily it’s all during the first week of classes… Actually (just looked at my class schedule), I think I’ll go on Tuesday, since I get out of Linguistics at 5 on Mon. I think BF closes at 5 – 6??? I’ll just work on my ROUSes. And make a shopping list.

Somehow I am alone on here, but okaaay.

My lace stole is mocking me. No, don’t even ask. Sassy alpaca. Oh, this “morning” I listened to most of the new Mediaeval Baebes CD and just loooooove it. I hate Daylight Savings.

I nearly have another kerchief done, and need to write up a kerchief/ panta PDF pattern. By Sunday. Else, I’ll never hear the end of it.

Oh, I agree, Crimson. But I desperately miss thunderstorms. We get maybe one a year here. The rest of the time it’s grey drizzle and mist. I’ll admit I was completely fascinated by the mists/ heavy fog for the first year or two – but now it’s just a pain to drive in :D

Oh! And you simply must watch this truly bizarre (and funny!) video Blair found (it’s posted on Vonnie’s blog).


2 thoughts on “drumline

  1. Well, when you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go … downtown. Oh, I’m so funny. Are you using a Mac to make your PDF? It takes maybe 30 seconds and is super fabulous.

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