infuriated doesn’t even cover it

A “C”!!!

Prof H gave me a “C” for my Dressing Up Frescoes paper, for Art History.

A “C”!!!

I am so angry right now. And, to top off the grade he wrote sarcastic and RUDE comments in the margin.

I stormed into his office, and demanded an appointment. I can come in after noon tmrw.

The last time I wrote a “C” paper was for my first class EVER in college, I had just dropped out of high school, and I wasn’t even enrolled yet.


right now.

I can’t even verbalize it.

I have to write my Numidian Cavalry paper, but I am so angry. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

2 thoughts on “infuriated doesn’t even cover it

  1. Crimson

    I didn’t even know you could be sarcastic about frescoes.

    But seriously, I hope you can convince him to change your grade. That blows. Genuinely.


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