kitsune scarf

Okay, another finished object. And, another example of the linkage between X-Files and FO’s. 1.5 episodes later… and I have completed the kitsune scarf! (Don’t even ask) … Anyway, my best friend sent me two skeins of yarn as a gift – one of Crystal Palace Dragonfly and one of Crystal Palace Fizz. Here’s what I made (with a little explanation):

Kitsune are mythical Japanese fox spirits that commonly have more than one tail. The more tails they have, the more powerful they are. 9 tails is the limit, and they all start with one (in some stories) and thru good deeds/ karma they can gain more tails over time. I’ve always loved the stories of the kitsune, which mostly represent them as gentle tricksters who help humans more often than not.

Anyway. I used the yarn that Vonnie sent me to make a 3-tailed scarf. When I cast on, I was intending to make a pointed scarf and leave it at that, but the yarn convinced me to change my pattern. The Dragonfly yarn had these little fluffy bi-coloured tails that made me think of fox-tails… so, I thought – a fox-tails scarf! My own kitsune. I decided to make each tail a different length, for visual interest.

I’m also rather pleased with myself, since I only had 2 feet of Dragonfly left and a tiny bit of the Fizz. For once, I didn’t waste any yarn :D

(Thanks, Vonnie!)


2 thoughts on “kitsune scarf

  1. Love the scarf — what a clever idea, fox tails and all …

    Oh, yesterday during lunch I was brainstorming about X-Files and (U)FOs. Be prepared for something geeky, when I next have time for Photoshop-ing fun.

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