remain calm

Where’s my copy of Hitchhiker’s???

Don’t Panic

I have my GEOL midterm #2 on Sat, worth 30% of my grade. Have I completed the readings yet? No. 12 chapters!! Where the heck have I been?? I know I’ve been doing homework… how could I have missed 12 chapters?

I have a seminar paper (10 – 15 pages on the Numidian Cavalry) due on Wednesday, with presentation material. I haven’t even gotten halfway thru the research yet. Why did I switch my topic in week 6?? Where the hell was my brain???

I also have my art history paper (5 pages, eh!) due on March 15. At least that’s something I can whip out quickly. But I need to find time to drop by Prof H’s office and get my topic approved.

Okay, all my previous euphoria is completely gone. It’s complete vanity, I know but I just found out yesterday that I’ve lost over 10 pounds since my last doctor’s visit in Dec. I actually wanted to get on the scale this time! My pants are all slipping off. Which means I must go shopping at some point in the future! (mwahaha) Dad freaked at that, btw.

So, now I must go off to the academic salt mines and try and perform 3 miracles. Wow, mixing the metaphors today.

And, I must remember: Don’t Panic

Easy as pie, eh?


2 thoughts on “remain calm

  1. Crimson

    Though it has nothing to do with art history, it might make you feel better to know I’m wearing my classics department shirt, whose front reads The only good language is a dead language. The back has a little gravestone that says R.I.P. Latin Greek


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