and the winner is… ME!

I just LOVE winning bets with myself, and against others. I have believed ever since taking Costume History that the Minoan/ Theran costumes were made of cloth. NOT leather or hide, as speculated by costume historians. Aside from the heat in Greece, who want to wear a leather bodice and gown with nothing underneath?? UGH.

So. Guess what we saw in Aegean Art History today… A woman in a CLOTH gown. Prof H claimed it was fine linen. And, for once (probably the first time EVER), I agree with one of my professor’s costume interpretations. Look reallyreally closely.

Can anyone else SEE THROUGH the bodice? Like cotton lawn or fine silk?

I couldn’t find a full photograph of this woman (figure one on the lower level north fresco of room 3, in Xeste 3, Akrotiri), but it’s not just the “bodice” that’s sheer. It’s a full-length garment that falls to her ankles (!), which her “apron” doesn’t completely cover. To me, it seems almost robe or kimono shaped (what a loaded word… I know). The cloth the garment is made of has a polychrome pattern, yellow croci stamens on a pale blue background. Don’t even make me say it, about the leather.

Okay. I guess I have to get this out. It’s been nagging me for months now. Yes, leather can be fine. Very fine, some vellum is even translucent. But it ain’t like that lovely garment above. I am willing to concede that the “apron” may be leather. They all look awfully heavy and have rather nice sharp edges.

Ooooooohhoooooooohooooooo. I was bouncing when I walked out of class today. I love being vindicated. Don’t you?

I have Costume Costruction next term. The final project is supposed to be a complete costume. Is anyone else tempted by a full Minoan recostruction? I certainly am.

I just found this, a line drawing of the figures in the fresco I am nearly obsessed with now. Though, I am admittedly sticking with my previously decided paper topic. But, here it is anyway:

I’m quite fascinated with the fact that all the female figures in the room (even in the famous saffron gathering fresco) are wearing these little sheer under-garments. I think I never noticed it (the garment) before because I hadn’t seen a well-preserved fresco shown life-size until today. (Gotta love slide projectors)

Anyway. I have to schedule a test and catch up on my Geology homework. Also, I am on sleeve 2 of my raglan. I have 6 inches. So close!!

One thought on “and the winner is… ME!

  1. LauraJ

    Very, very Egyptian, the sheer linen. Thanks for the pictures!,%2Bdancing%2Bgirls%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DG


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