I hate writing letters. Only the dearest affection for someone would entice me to write a 2 page letter of recommendation. Sadly, a friend asked for one recently. So, after almost 2 hours, I might be done with it. Blair’s promised to edit it for me. But, I have the sinking feeling that I’m gonna have to edit it for another hour or so.

I don’t know if it’s my too-classical education, but my letters tend to be overly wordy and very British in style. The fact that I spell words like “colour” with a ‘u’ is a definite sign. Whenever I write a letter, I feel like a long-long character from a Jane Austen novel. Sara Bennett, or something. Unfortunately, I DID get my earliest education in proper correspondence etiquette from classical literature, since we DIDN’T cover correspondence in school until… 8th grade?

Yes, I read Pride and Prejudice in 6th. For fun, no less. I was part of a VERY brainy, very ecclectic group of girls that spent lunch in the library and shared novels the way other girls shared make-up. It was fun, too. I never felt like a loser, until I have to write a fricking letter. I can never organise my thoughts or lay them out concisely.

I bet you didn’t expect me to actually lead this post back to its original topic, did you?

I had to do something while waiting for the axe to fall. And blogging seemed to be the least dangerous ;)

9:00 Addendum:

Posted by Myst Dragon to the quacking fiber addict at 08:32:02 PM:

I hope your sinking feeling has subsided.

Yes, it has! Thank you for your help Blair :D

(For those of you out-of-the-Know, Blair kindly edited rewrote my letter for me last night… so now I can sit and knit in peace.


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