must stay awake

I am getting hit with the worst insomnia every night. Somehow, I must get back on schedule and stop taking naps. Right. I usually come home and crash, cuz I can’t stand upright any longer.

Anyway. A panta is a Finnish head-covering that’s shaped like a head kerchief. I found a couple of patterns on Craftster. I’ve made 3 so far and wear them all the time. My mum borrowed one the other night, to keep her ears warm and begged me to make her one. With cables.

I’m definitely going to modify this so I can make summer-weight and lace pantas. How cool would that be?

In other news, I am veryvery behind in my art history. I still need to rip-out and start mum’s panta again (no, perfection is never enough for me). I also have to set up a Trust Fund for my student club. Then I need to make photocopies of our Olympics reward thingies. Have I mentioned that I haven’t had my daily cookie yet? I’m going into withdrawl, and need to fix that.

Off to the Union Market, to get my fix.

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