feel the excitement

As promised, here’s the chenille 1/2 yard I wove… gold and green.

I’m trying to think of a use for it. I was going to make a purse, until everyone’s bored responses stopped me and made me reconsider. Apparently, I am not being creative enough or something. I’ve had 3(?) suggestions to make it into a table runner. I’m not exactly the table runner type (can you feel the disdain here?). Here’s what I’m probably gonna do with it…

Unless some truly brilliant new idea occurs to me before I sew it up. Or, someone comes up with a suggestion that I’d actually follow. (The envelope is just to indicate the flap)

Gonna go rip the panta and reknit it. And Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a… bizarre disturbed crazy show.


One thought on “feel the excitement

  1. LauraJ

    I thought it was a rather startling lining. I think you might want to condsider a lining. But maybe not with roses. Or I could be wrong about that, maybe roses would be perfect.

    I have to ask: what the , I mean, what IS a panta? i thought it might be a form of British holiday theatre, but no.


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