so much to do

Okay. Updates before I tackle my GEOL 306 project (you can check my progess – one webpage left!). Crimson’s word cloud looked cool, so I did one of my own. Check, if you’d like to see your own.

Okay, one class/ engagement down. I was signed up for Felt Laminate Scarves at the UO’s Crafy Center today. I actually was signed up for felted clothing last term, but had a last minute emergency and couldn’t make it. Laura, the CC manager, just slid me into this class instead :D
Here’s the scarf I made – and I while I was waiting for the intro to end I got 20 mins of knitting done, too! Wow, that’s a record this week… Anyway, here’s the scarf, in all it’s misshapen glory. I guess I didn’t layer the wool enough, cuz it came out sorta “clumpy” (don’t even ask for the story behind THAT word):

And here’s a close-up:

I started out with a pre-dyed silk scarf and layered green and blue wool roving over it (on both sides) with some bits of silk noil for contrast (hot pink and fuscia anyone?). It’s a bit big, and the sides didn’t felt as evenly (bloody sander), so I’m gonna trim it a bit. Yes, I know this is laminate blasphemy, but I don’t care.

Then I came home and crashed (did I mention I got 5 hours of sleep because I somehow let my brother talk me into watching Fullmetal Alchemist until 1 am?). Got up (eventually) and made Emmett, my brother, help me clean the house. Now, everything but my homework is done (‘cept the knitting, of course) and I have nothing else to mention.

Except… haha, Crimson (you lucky duck!). And, thank you Laurie. Funny thing, my Mum said the exact same thing. Maybe I really do have a habit of over committing myself ;)



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