knit geeks unite!

I love being a knit-geek. I need to make a t-shirt. I kinda like the one by Knitty, but think I could do something more me. Some of us at the UO were talking about making one along the lines of the iPod campaign… with yarn and needles and computer cables ;)

Anyway. I am so subscribing to Crimson’s blog cuz, hell, we knit-geeks need to stick together. I think, personally, that X-Files and knitting are intrinsically linked. I always find myself knitting or spinning to it. Maybe it’s because I love the sound of Mulder and Scully’s voices…. I don’t know. But, I recommend you try it. Also, if you get creeped out by aliens (the only horror creatures to scare me), knitting is a good excuse to look away from the screen :D

To answer saleknitter‘s question, I’m using The Vogue Book of Knitting for my Mum’s sweater – at least for the pattern stitches. I’m using Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns for the actual sweater pattern.

And, of course, to prove I am truly a knit-geek, I am blasting the latest episode of Cast On, by Brenda Dayne, on my iPod connected to the office’s speakers. I love scaring the straights. And, considering that the Guild’s office is located between the two campus publications… well, this hallway couldn’t be straighter. In a middle-class, white, party-campus, American sorta way. I know they think we’re crazy. The journalism students always avert their eyes whenever walking past. And, if one of them actually does get curious enough to investigate… well, they’re usually dragged back to sanity by their peers.

No, I am not joking. I can’t count the number of times people have peered in and asked a question or two, before being dragged away (bodily!) by someone. You’d think we were lepers or something… it’s a bit strange. I guess it is odd that we visit sheep ranches and stuff… but, I mean, we’re not Satanists or anything… Ahwell.

So! Anyway. The Olympics. I think I’m making progress. I actually have the stitch pattern committed to memory now… is that a good or bad sign? I’m probably going to start *dreaming* about aran cables soon. I have weaving tonight, and still don’t know if Emily is coming or not. I’m giving it 50/50 odds.

I have to get started on that Geology project… ja ne!


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