course project link

To stay sane, I’m going to do something smart (for myself, anyway) and put up the link to my GEOL 306 course project here:

We’re required to submit a “web project” on our chosen topic by Feb 20. It’s worth 30% of my grade, y’all. I chose the Mediterranean Basin as my topic. No, I am not focusing on Pompeii. I’m really fascinated with the erruption of Mt. Thera. So, after a brief but satisfactory survey of Mediterranean tectonics and history, I’ll zoom in on something delightfully controversial. Have I told you that I love controversy? I do. It makes acamdemic debate fun. And gives me something to feel smug sassy about

It’s not done. Don’t visit it, unless you’re reallyreally bored. But, heaven forbid, if I forget or lose the info, I’ll at least have the URL to backtrack from.

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